To a dreamer, night's the only time of day...

Lane wore her new Snow White ‘rags’ dress to Disney today. She even had a couple little bird friends join her. And of course, she had to visit the wishing well. ;)

Lane cosplayed as a Main Street Confectionery cast member at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday. The candy shop is one of her favorites, and their costume has always been one of Mommy’s favorites, so it seemed like the perfect dress for her to wear to visit her Disney friends. She was even granted a very Magical Moment and got to make a Mickey rice krispie treat with some of the staff. (Mommy also made her a tray of fake cotton candy, chocolates and a caramel apple to carry around and play with.) :)

After watching ‘Dream Along with Mickey,’ Lane was surprised with a private meet and greet with Peter Pan and Wendy.  It was amazing!!!

Lane wore her new dress (Rose’s ‘Jump’ dress from Titanic) to Dapper Day at Disney yesterday. 

Strategic hand placement. ;)

Belle paid a visit to Gaston today.

Just a little trip down memory Lane. ;)

Happy First Birthday Princess Fairy Tale Hall!!!!  Thanks for so many wonderful memories, hugs, twirls, kisses and smiles!  Here’s to another year of playing together! :D

Rapunzel had to grab her frying pan because she heard about my relationship with Flynn. ;)

Lane wore her new Flower Maiden costume to watch Festival of Fantasy today at Disney World. :D

Practically Perfect Kisses for Mr. Penguin (and Polly)