To a dreamer, night's the only time of day...

Rapunzel had to grab her frying pan because she heard about my relationship with Flynn. ;)

Lane wore her new Flower Maiden costume to watch Festival of Fantasy today at Disney World. :D

Practically Perfect Kisses for Mr. Penguin (and Polly) 

So this is love…

So this is love…

Lane got to meet Prince Eric and Ariel today and she had the perfect dress for the occasion. 

Lane cosplayed as Megara around the Magic Kingdom today.  It was a real slice! ;)

The first time Miss Lane met Gaston 

It’s not every day you get to cosplay Belle and Beast at the same time. ;)

Lane wore her new costume, Belle’s blue peasant dress, to the Magic Kingdom Saturday night.  The entire evening was magical! She got to play in Beast’s castle, dance with him, read to him and even have a tea party with Princess Belle. It was absolutely perfect! Mommy is so happy she stayed up all night sewing the dress to finish it in time! <3

'Tale as old as time&#8230;'

'Tale as old as time…'

Peter Pan and Wendy Bird play together

Lane wore her new 101 Dalmations dress to meet Cruella DeVil on Sunday. 

I&#8217;ll love you forever, Genie. :(

I’ll love you forever, Genie. :(

Bo Peep was reunited with Woody and Buzz yesterday. :) She’s really missed them!